2016 NCCER Guidance

How do students log into tests:
The students don't actually log in or receive vouchers. Here is the process.
  1. The PROCTORS have to log in using their NCCER login information.
  2. Using Firefox, they go to http://www.nccer.org.
  3. Log into the Testing Management System (upper right corner).
  4. Then select “Launch Exams.”
  5. Click “List Students/Tests,” and all students with activated exams will appear on the screen.
  6. They choose the student who will be sitting at that particular computer and hit "Next Step."
  7. Then they move to the next computer and repeat the process.
These steps with images are also shown in the document at this link,

Test is freezing up:
Mozilla Firefox is the ONLY recommended browser for NCCER testing. If a student is having trouble testing, then the suggestion is to try to have the student log in on a different computer using Firefox and resume the test.

How to end the test:
NCCER has replaced their "End test" button with a stop-sign icon. If the student is ready to submit the test, they need to hit this button.
Where is the NCCER proctor script: